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  • January5th

    Sara Nelson Creative Director and Wine Label Designer

    Sara Nelson, Creative Director and Wine Label Designer

    Are you introducing a new company, product or service?

    Is it time to take your established brand to higher visibility in a new or more competitive market?

    Is it time for a fresh, evocative corporate identity, marketing materials that powerfully deliver your message or product packaging that jumps off of the shelf?

    Sara Nelson Design can help you stand out!

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  • February14th

    Another Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers annual trade show and conference has come and passed. This was year number seven for Sara Nelson Design to participate in the Trade Show. We had several new labels to show this year, and did it by hanging the labeled (but empty) bottles hanging from a copper-colored tree that DID attract attention! It’s always fun to do things a bit differently…

    Washington State has north of 700 wineries, and many vineyards beyond that. No idea how many attended this year, but it was fun to see so many current client wineries represented.

    Next up – this third week of February, in fact – for the first time, we’ll be at the Idaho Wine Commission Annual Show in Boise. Now 51 wineries in Idaho – and counting! We’re looking forward to making a lot of new friends this week. If you’re there, come up and say hello!

  • January2nd

    2014 is gone. That much I know. Where it went, I can’t be sure – but it IS gone; that is a fact.

    So it’s INTO 2015, with a buys January getting ready for trade shows, then the WAWGG (Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers) show in Kennewick and the Idaho Wine Commission’s Annual show in Boise to keep February busy.

    That’s probably a good point to point out that if your business works trade shows, we can help you to stand out. Both display and marketing material design is vastly important to maximize the effectiveness of what can be a really big investment. If your display doesn’t grab attention from 100′ or more away, you might want to give some thought to an image refresh.

    Here’s to a great 2015 for all!