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  • January5th

    Sara Nelson Creative Director and Wine Label Designer

    Sara Nelson, Creative Director and Wine Label Designer

    Are you introducing a new company, product or service?

    Is it time to take your established brand to higher visibility in a new or more competitive market?

    Is it time for a fresh, evocative corporate identity, marketing materials that powerfully deliver your message or product packaging that jumps off of the shelf?

    Sara Nelson Design can help you stand out!

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  • February9th

    For some years the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers has held its annual trade show and conference in Kennewick – Sara Nelson Design’s hometown. This year marks our fifth year participating in the Trade Show, showing our wine label and marketing collateral design work, and attending several concurrent industry functions.

    We enjoy the show as much to see old friends and visit with current clients as to show potential new clients our newest label, logo, print and website work.

    Washington State has more than 700 wineries. And many vineyards beyond that. No idea how many attended this year’s WAWGG, but there was an excellent representation of each, plus a great showing by those who support them with the products and services that it takes to produce and sell the wine.

    So now the show is over and we’re up to our eyeballs writing thank-you notes, following up leads and trying to make sense out of everything that was piled on our desks while we were gone last week. And also sneaking in some Winter Olympics viewing time. (USA! USA! USA!)

    Great job with the 2014 WAWGG and 2014 WWIF Banuet and auction, folks! Thank you! And we’ll see you there in (hard to believe we’re saying this…) February of 2015!

  • January1st

    Christmas BoatChristmas season came and went…again! Not sure how the seasons keep passing faster and faster, but they certainly do!

    Looking back on 2013 has been interesting! Wine labels were a chunk of the year’s work, but one of the most interesting projects at Sara Nelson Design through the fourth quarter was a label and packaging project for a local distillery! That should launch early in 2014, and we’re looking forward to seeing the reaction to that bit of work.

    We’re looking forward to the 2014 Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers show in just over a month. Always great to get a chance to see the clients, vendors and friends we have from some years in that industry.

    To the left is a picture of a couple of the boats from this last Christmas Boats parade, done a few weeks ahead of the holiday on the Columbia River just a couple of blocks from the Sara Nelson Design offices in the Tri-Cities, WA. Every year we get out into the cold (inevitably well below freezing) to shoot pictures of those brave souls who out their boats out at the end of the year and run up and down the river for the benefit of the hundreds watching onshore.

    And now, we have a new year! Hard to believe we’re using numbers like “2014!” Happy New Year to you and yours – and if we can be of service this year, please do call or email!

  • November25th

    Ready for the HolidaysWe’re always a bit ahead of most everyone else in town as we decorate the Sara Nelson Design office for the holidays. The WHOLE story is too long to tell here, but it goes back five years, to an open house we held about a week before Thanksgiving.

    A local newspaper reporter was that open house and discovered that almost everyone there was connected via social media. They asked if we could “restage” the open house  so they could bring a photographer and do a story on it. “Restage” kind of choked (the whole idea was a spontaneous gathering), but we agreed to do it – on the condition that the words “tweet-up” were NOT  in the article, since that wasn’t what we were doing.

    A week later – two days before Thanksgiving – forty or fifty folks stopped by the office and enjoyed wine, cheesecake and each other for hours. Literally, five hours.

    We learned from that that two days before Thanksgiving, people were ready to enjoy the holidays but not necessarily ready to start preparing for the holidays.

    Since then, every year, we do an open house at Sara Nelson Design in October. Then the Sunday before Thanksgiving we decorate the office for the holidays. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we do another open house – and it’s the biggest one every year.

    In addition, we sometimes do a December Open House and we keep the office open late for downtown Kennewick’s First Thursday Artwalk through the autumn and early winter months.

    It’s a crazy schedule that has nothing to do with wine label or packaging design, but it gives us a chance to catch up with a random collection of friends, family, neighbors, clients, vendors, acquaintances and – usually – a few new folks. It’s fun to watch the “regulars” take over the job of making sure everyone that has someone to talk with. If you choose your friends well, it’s a gathering with twenty or thirty hosts, instead of two or three people running their tails off to keep everyone interested.

    We’ll be back to pumping design work in the next post, but for now, have a happy Holiday Season and Merry Christmas to you!